Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekly Update

Phew well it's been another crazy week. I've managed to hit my word counts and have been working on some interesting new story-lines which will hopefully see the light of day soon!

However the most exciting news isn't that I've been writing instead it's that one of the anthologies I'm a part of has been turned into an audio-book read by the amazing Rose Caraway.

The Big Book of Submission edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel contains 69 different stories of submission told from all sides. My story Lost in the Feeling can be found within the book. Being published by Rachel was quite high up on my list of writing goals I always wanted to achieve (you can read more about this here: and so I was very happy when this fun little story got into the anthology.

Also on that list was to be narrated by Rose Caraway...which because of this one story I can now tick off as done! Although I hope it's not the last. The audio book is as big as the book itself with over nine hours of deliciousness.

The print and ebook editions can be found here

 Rachel Kramer Bussel's awesome blog can be found here:
Rose Caraway also runs The Kiss Me Quick's Erotica Podcast with Big Daddy:

You can get some fun little sneak peeks into the book over on Rose's blog where she's featured a few of the stories for the podcast. These are well worth a listen just make sure you're not driving when you do!

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