Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cosmic Encounters Inspiration Post - Vanessa de Sade

Cosmic Encounters is an anthology of science fiction stories all with an erotic slant. There are stories from the near future to others taking place on a far flung world. As is custom with most of my anthologies there is a wide number of pairings and heat levels.

As happens with my anthologies I asked the contributors for a short piece explaining the inspiration behind their story so keep an eye out for them!

For the first one I'm pleased to welcome Vanessa de Sade who is the genius behind the story: The Story of Snow White.

Here is the blurb:

The year is 2076 and the long war is finally concluded by a germ attack which affects semen and makes sexual contact with the male species fatal. Meanwhile, Snow White, hidden in the crumbling apartment of the Dwarf, remembers her fall from grace and her tempestuous affair with the Queen…

So without further ado I welcome Vanessa to the blog to speak about the inspiration behind her story:

The Story of Snow White
This story began, as many of my pieces often do, with a single line that popped into my head over the breakfast toast one grey and rainy morning:

"The Dwarf was looking dispiritedly through the wanted ads in The Stage when Snow White came in, shaking the cold and wet off her coat."

But, despite having an initial premise and some characters I still didn't have a story. Where was this action taking place, for example? Not in some Germanic fairy tale woodland, that was for sure, and there was already a good dose of gritty urban realism in that one line alone, so I knew that Snow White and the Dwarf were trying to make a go of things in a city somewhere, and that times were tough. The Dwarf was obviously having to demean himself by performing in dodgy stage shows, but what about Snow White, how was she contributing?

The answer came, strangely and rather obliquely, from an old Tom Waits song. In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king… What if this was a world where blood was infected and pure blood was at a premium? That was good, but why were Snow White and the Dwarf hiding out if they had a saleable asset like that? The Wicked Queen, of course, the psychotic despot who wanted to be the fairest in the land and wanted Snow White dead! And, instantly, a picture of a depraved and sexually rapacious version of the original Disney villainess sprang into my mind.

From then on it was plain-sailing. The crumbling towers of Armageddonist Britain quickly formed themselves and it wasn't long before I was shaping the Queen's black velvet chamber with its all-seeing mirror and sexually inviting darkness. But I needed a Prince, and I didn't want just any conventional hero figure, so, without much prompting, my warped brain came up with the wonderfully tragic Doctor who's a melding of the original Woodsman and Prince Charming. How? You'll have to read the story!
* * *
I'm particularly fond of this story and the bleak world that the characters inhabit, which, while far away from the Grimm original on the surface, is, in fact, the same dark tale set in the concrete forests of a dystopian society and just as darkly sexy as the nineteenth century folk tale would have been before it was cleaned-up for publication. Plus, of course, I got to create a colour palette that pays homage to my love of old 1930s films, so, all in all, this one has been a real winner for me!

About Vanessa
Vanessa de Sade is a forty-something full-figure gal who likes to write hot stories about real women exploring the darker regions of their own sexuality. She is the author of the novel, Maid for Milking, and her many short stories can be found in countless anthologies. Her solo collections to date are Black & White Movies, Nude Shots, Tales from a Tangled Bush and In the Forests of the Night.

Cosmic Encounters is published by House of Erotica and is available in both ebook and print format  here (as well as many other places)


Sweetmeats Press said...

I'm so in love with Vanessa's imagination! This story sounds like it has much in common with a story she wrote for us, "Thumbilina" from her 'In the Forests of the Night' collection. Another fabulously filthy fairy tale!

Nicole Gestalt said...

Thanks for stopping by! Writers imaginations are a great thing.

I'll have to check out In the Forests of the Night collection.