Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter Warmers Inspiration - Victoria Blisse

So today I have Victoria Blisse visiting me with her inspiration behind her story The Joy of Wrapping. This is one of the many stories that can be found in House of Erotica's Winter Warmers Collection


So without ado please welcome Victoria Blisse!

The Joy of Wrapping

I actually quite enjoy wrapping presents. Not to say I’m any good at it, but I do quite enjoy it. It’s part of my Christmas Eve routine, watching whatever late night carol concert is on the telly and wrapping the last of the gifts before bed.
So Unwrap Me was inspired by my love of wrapping presents. They always say a present is best when it’s got a little bit of you in it. Well, what could be better than a present that is you then?

Here’s an excerpt for you to enjoy:

My breath rattles against the cardboard, I’m warming up the air around me with my expirations. The woody paper scent tickles my nostrils as I strain to hear my husband’s steps on the stairs. I’m aroused. It isn’t the rough touch of the wrinkling wrap that’s turning me on, it’s wondering what will happen after Grant finds me and unwraps me. My nipples strain and rub against the slick layer covering them. I wonder if the moisture between my thighs has transferred itself to my covering where it rests beneath my bum.
Confined and constrained I wait. The clock ticks away the time , each second ticking away so slowly but then I hear the creak of a floorboard and my stomach clenches. There’s no more sounds from upstairs and I think that maybe it was a false alarm-the house settling as my Nan would have said-but just as I’m giving up and resigning myself to some more time restricted and stretched out on the floor I hear the pad, pad, pad of Grant coming down the stairs.
My mouth dries, I gulp. Blood thumps round in my veins, I’m very aware of my heart pumping the lust around my body. The living room door clicks open and I hold my breath in anticipation.
“Hmmm, what’s this,” he drawls, the cocoon of sleep clinging to him still. I feel the vibration more than hear his steps approaching my head. He reaches down and flips open the gift tag, held on with a bright red bow.
“Oh, it’s for me, I wonder what it could possibly be?” He runs a hand across the top of me, from my breasts to my stomach, I nigh on bite through my lip attempting to hold back a moan.
“Maybe I should wait for Claire before I start opening my presents.”
He’s teasing me now, the sod. I have to hold still and be quite or I’ll spoil the surprise. It’s a strange kind of bondage, BDSM with holly patterns and sticky tape.

About Victoria

Victoria Blisse is a mother, wife, Christian, Manchester United fan and award winning erotica author. She is also the editor of several Bigger Briefs collections, and the co-editor of the fabulous Smut Alfresco and Smut in the City and Smut by the Sea Anthologies.

Victoria is also one of the brains behind the fabulous Smut by the Sea event taking place at Scarborough Library (UK) on the 14th June 2014. A day dedicated to erotica with lots of author readings, fun giveaways and exciting talks.

She is equally at home behind a laptop or a cooker (She is TEB's Resident "Naked Chef") and she loves to create stories, poems, cakes and biscuits that make people happy. She was born near Manchester, England and her northern English quirkiness shows through in all of her stories.
Passion, love and laughter fill her works, just as they fill her busy life.

You can find often find Victoria procrastinating on Facebook http://facebook.com/victoriablisse , Twitter http://twitter.com/victoriablisse and Pinterest http://pinterest.com/victoriablisse
To find out more check out http://victoriablisse.co.uk

Thanks for popping by Victoria!

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