Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Warmers Inspiration - Tilly Hunter

Well today I have Tilly Hunter visiting to let us all know her inspiration behind her story Twenty-Four Surprises which is another great story that can be found in The Winter Warmers Collection published by House of Erotica

Here's Tilly to explain all:

House of Erotica’s call for submissions told us to think about warm, glowing, cosy things: real fires, mulled wine, the colour red. And to that list I added: spanking. Because what could be better to  induce a nice warm, festive glow than a wide variety of spanking implements being applied to my delighted heroine’s backside? 

I’m a bit of a Scrooge myself. Or rather, I’m a bit (a lot) anti-consumerism. I don’t like the way Christmas has come to be all about the buying of Stuff. Stuff people don’t need or want and much of which will be wasted, thrown away, shoved in the attic. So my story involves a couple making each other Advent calendars instead of buying them. Sam fills her husband Tom’s with chocolates handmade in their local deli-cum-confectioners. It’s consumerism made small, local, pleasurable. But while Tom does invest in some new equipment, he also improvises with some handy items he finds around the house. It’s kink gone back to basics, which is something that inspires me because it's amazing what you can do with the basics ;-). 

And the idea of the Advent period made me think of the pleasure to be had in a slow build-up, the anticipation of more to come, and how Tom could make Sam wait in the most pleasurable way.

About Tilly:

Tilly Hunter is a British writer and editor with a wicked imagination and a fondness for quirky stories that usually involve rope. Her work has been published by Xcite Books, House of Erotica, Storm Moon Press, Ryan Field Press and MLR Press. She blogs at and offers editing services to authors at When she isn’t writing, she can often be found halfway up a mountain, or curled up by her imaginary fireside with some knitting and a slice of cake.

Thanks so much for dropping by Tilly and thank you for now making me want chocolate so early in the morning!

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