Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Warmers Inspiration - Maxine Hooper

Well it's been a little while unfortunatly since I managed to put one of these up however my internet connection is holding at the moment so here goes!

Late last year a gorgeous anthology called Winter Warmers came out. I asked the authors of the stories what their inspiration for the piece was. 

Today my focus is on one of the authors Maxine Hooper. In Winter Warmers her story is called A Christmas Carl and here she is to tell you all about it:

Since my decision last year to concentrate mainly on erotic fiction, most of my writing is prompted by my own sexual experiences or those of close friends and ‘A Christmas Carl’ is no exception. Apart from using artistic licence to change the time of year of G’s encounter with a man she had ‘met’ online - the event on which the story is based actually happened during the Summer - I have more or less adhered to the specific details of her meeting with Carl (not his real name).

Until such time as my two grown-up children, both of whom have left home to make their own way in the world, return with their own kids, Christmas can’t hold a special appeal for me, at least, not in terms of family celebration. However, it’s certainly not a time of year when I get down in the dumps. On the contrary, long, cold nights have their own charm for me, particularly when I’m sprawled naked on a deep pile rug in front of a log fire with a lover - male or female - between my legs. 
Let’s raise a toast to the ‘winter warmer’!

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