Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Warmers Inspiration - Jamie Rose

Well today I have Jamie Rose over explaining her inspiration behind her story The Invite which can be found in the Winter Warmers Collection by House of Erotica. This collection is the perfect thing to keep the spirit and magic of the winter holidays alive just a little bit longer.

The Winter Warmers Collection is filled with great authors and fantastic winter stories and I'm not just saying that because I've got a story in it!

Anyway before I go on let me introduce Jamie Rose

Jamie Rose - The Invite

The story I wrote, The Invite, is a Christmas themed short about a couple trying to enrich their lives. They agree to share a particularly unique and special Christmas gift, and through this shared gift they find a new love for each other. By the end of the story they see each other with new eyes, freshly awakened to their potential and passion as a couple.
Central to the story is a powerful talisman - a one way mirror. These are magically objects to me. As a child I spent far too long looking in mirrors, examining my reflection and seeing myself the way others did. As I grew older and learnt about the existence of one way mirrors I was captivated by the power they held. One side is a normal mirror, commonplace and not shocking in the least. The other side though is enchanted. Allowing the viewer to enjoy a truly personal experience.
We see one-way mirrors often in police procedurals, a place where they fit perhaps best. But they have such capacity for surprise and intrigue that when I see a mirror out in the world, I can't held but wonder if it two is one of these special talismans. I always hope they are, then I make a funny-face just in case.
The Winter Warmers collection is a fantastic collection of memorable stories. What other time of year is so well suited to curling up with a bundle of stories, maybe under a blanket or next to a roaring fire, and losing yourself in the fiction, the intrigue and the suspense. Winter time was made for reading, writing, talking, drinking and enjoying the company of a strong-armed handsome stranger... Sorry, I got carried away there, but you get my point.
I hope others do as I will this winter, fix themselves a hot beverage - mulled wine is what I recommend - find a warm spot, ideally within eye-line of the previously mentioned handsome stranger, and then read the Warmers collection from start to finish.

I'd like to thank HOE for their support and for accepting my humble story. I hope you all enjoy what I've written, and enjoy the collection as a whole. I know I will :-)

Thanks very much Jamie!

If you are interested in picking up a copy of Winter Warmers it is also available in print and can be found by clicking on the cover picture in this blog. 

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