Friday, January 17, 2014

Coming Together: Through the Storm Inspiration - Teresa Noelle Roberts

Well with the popularity of my inspiration posts for The House of Erotica's Winter Warmers Collection (all of which can be found here: I have decided to do the same for the latest charity anthology Coming Together: Through the Storm. I admit since I am the editor of this book the fact that I got to not only read all the wonderful stories first but now get to find out the inspiration behind the pieces has me very excited.

So without further ado please welcome my first guest Teresa Noelle Roberts who has two stories in this anthology Storm Surge and Country Pleasures.

"Storm Surge" was inspired by my fascination with "big" weather. I'm not turned on by danger. However, I do find certain natural phenomena--big surf and a really good thunderstorm, among others--quite erotic. My husband and I have deliberately booked ocean view hotel rooms in our favorite beach town in Maine for big storms, once for a winter storm, the other for the remnants of a tropical storm predicted to bring spectacular waves. (It did.) Since he grew up in the Caribbean, he won't let me go to the beach during actual hurricanes...but left to my own devices, I might.

I admit the inspiration for "Country Pleasures" was challenging myself to write a story for a rubber-fetish anthology. It's not a kink I share. In fact, having dated someone with a potentially life-threatening latex allergy, rubber is a turn-off for me. I was at a loss for a plot until I read online that some rubber fetishists love functional rubber such as raincoats and Wellington boots. This brought to mind images of rainy days in the British countryside. That I could handle.



Teresa Noelle Roberts
Erotic romance…doing what comes (super)naturally

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Thanks to Teresa for dropping by. 

Please don't forget that you can buy Coming Together: Through the Storm from Amazon, All Romance Ebooks and many other places. All links can be found here:

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