Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Busy busy busy

Well as usual I have been crazily busy but don't think I'm not writing!

In the next coming weeks I have an anthology coming out called Sun, Sea & Seduction. It's my second all female anthology and one I'm definitely looking forward to seeing out there. I will give you all more information about it once it's out!

In the meantime I'm working on a number of short stories for various anthologies and story submission calls I've been sent. At the same time as that I'm working on a longer story based around pirates, this is a new avenue for me as it's requiring a lot of research. Of course the trouble with research is that I have a tendency to find lots of other interesting pieces of information which spark off more ideas. So expect a glut of pirate stories from me next year!

With it suddenly becoming November (I'm really not totally sure where October went) we are moving closer to Christmas and winter, so don't forget to check out my frosty story Cold Fire.


In his ice palace Kevalan spends his time visiting different planes bringing cold and ice at certain times of the year. On a brief visit to one he rescues a young woman. He carries her to his palace for her safety all the while worried about his feelings for her. He only has one night on this world is it enough to form a strong enough bond, and why does she look upon him so fearfully?


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