Friday, August 2, 2013

Well it looks like I've done it again.....

And not posted for an absolute age. I have a valid excuse however in that I've been working! So much so in all honesty I didn't realise quite how much time had passed between me writing the last blog and this one. 

However during that time I've also been submitting stories and have just this week signed three contracts (although I can't quite let you in on who they are with just yet!) - so watch this space for more news.

Currently I've got two more short stories in the works and I've just started plotting a few nice ice cool ones (a nice contrast from the weather we've been having recently) so I will keep you posted on these  if (when!) I get them to completion.

I'm also pondering over more training and trying to decide what routes I want to focus on over the next year. I have magpie syndrome (I'm not sure it's a real syndrome but it acuratly explains my obsession of finding new shiny things and focusing on them for a while) so it's quite hard to stay focused on a limited number of things, but I am trying.

In other news my art exhibition is now done and has already been taken down (a month just flew by) so it's all eyes on the October one. (It really never stops here)

Next week I'll hopefully be able to give you more information on the contracted stories so watch this space.

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