Sunday, July 14, 2013

A mid year (ish) review of my new year guidelines

So I know I've not posted for absolutely ages but I hope to change that over the coming weeks and months.

Since we are already in July and I'm not sure where the year has gone already but I thought it would be fun to look back on the 'guidelines' I wrote in January and see how they have been here is the guidelines I wrote with new annotations:

Writing Guidelines 

  • Write at least 1000 words upon erotica a day - I will also be planning on writing in my other genres at the same time but this is the minimum I want to put into erotica. - Well I've been trying to keep on this although work hours have meant that I'm not always managing this one
  •  Polish up some of the stories I have left unfinished on my computer and get them finished. - Have done a couple and even sent them out! As I type I've got a couple of stories open and am working through them so watch this space
  • Submit a lot more then I did in 2012, things won't be accepted if they are not submitted!  - I'm currently on target to do this although I'm not totally certain on the numbers off hand!
  • Treat writing as a full-time job and be serious about it.- Still working on this
  • Try and not focus on my weaknesses instead turn them to positives. - An uphill struggle but I think I'm managing it :)
  • Blog more - I have so far blogged more then I had done by this time last year so this one is going well!

General Guidelines

  • Eat regular meals. - I am getting better with this, my day job is all over the place so getting time to eat is awkward.
  • Try and get more paperwork organised.  - .....less said about this the better!
  •  Become far more active - Watch this space for information on this
  • Do more artwork. - This I have done, and I have had two exhibitions booked for this year.
  • Have afternoon tea at least once a month! - Going well but unfortunatly it's not doing much for me being more active
  • Remember to focus on the small good things rather then worry about the next thing that might happen. - Trying very very hard to work on this one
  • Remember to take time out and relax from time to time - Managed to do this even went a whole week on holiday not writing. 

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