Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I have been accused in the past of writing porn. In fact I have had people completely stop talking to me because they found out what I write. None of them to my knowledge have ever read any of my work to gain a complete idea and understanding of it before forming this opinion that they never want to speak to me again but that is there loss. I hold nothing against them and only mention them now for a purpose. 

I have always believed that there is a distinct difference between porn and erotica just as there is between erotica and romance. This can be simply explained thus:

Porn - A series of scenes put together purely for sex and a thin story designed just to get people from a to b before the next random sexual encounter
Erotica - A story based around a number of people (normally [but not always] two) in which they happen to get physical and this is seen on camera (or read in words in the case of a book)

Romance is the same as erotica however the sex isn't shown and is more implied if the story even gets that far into a relationship as some of the best romances I have read didn't even have a single kiss until the very last scene.

I do not write porn - though I have no issue with porn and understand its place, I applaude those who pick the sex industry as their place to work for the right reasons - everyone should have a choice in what they do and if that choice is sex I do not have an issue with it. 

I do however write erotica and in all truth I enjoy what I write, I love that people want to read this work. It is not all that I do and erotica is not the only genre I write in but it always will be the first genre I got published in and so it will always be dear to my heart.

In other news Editing and expanding stories is a real pain the in behind!

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