Monday, May 7, 2012

Pushing boundaries

I have been watching a lot of things recently that have involved pushing the boundaries and no matter how well someone is doing in their industry they must always keep learning and adapting to the times. 

As an author I know I have a tendency to stick with the kinds of writing that I know and am sure works. Many authors have in the past (and still do) work to a formula. No matter what book of their you pick up you can be pretty sure how its going to go and the pace that it's going to take. There is nothing wrong with this sort of writing, if it works why fix it? However I know I won't advance without pushing my own boundaries.

Writing can be comfortable and easy but it shouldn't always be so, and I am going to focus on throwing out comfortable and making way for edgy and writing that is out of my depth - writing I have to work on and that is totally out of my comfort zone. I hope by doing this that I will progress and grow into a better writer. I'm not saying I'm going to be running away from comfortable since that quite often pays the bills but I am going to be seeing just how much I can push my boundaries and let the story take me to places I've never been. 

Even in our day to day lives things can get a little comfortable, we take too much for granted and let time pass before we realise just quite how much has gone. From this moment I'm going to focus on pushing those boundaries and grab hold of the life I have now with both hands making sure I cherish every moment that I have.

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