Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Organisation - or lack of

I am writing this with no internet access but since I set my mind to write a journal entry today I’m writing it nevertheless. I am as those who know me personally will tell you not the most organised or predictable person in the world (I’m also one of the world’s clumsiest people but that’s for another post). Organisation has always been an issue for me, either I’ve attempted to become organised and gone too far or just ignored all the lists that I have made. However now I’m looking at starting to write full time again I realise I have to be more organised. 

To this end I have actually even taken the time to sit down and timetable my days so that I know what I’m going to write and when (the next task is to write it all out and stick it up on the walls of my writing room). Of course none of this will work unless I actually force myself to go into my writing room each day and focus. Mind-set I have discovered is something that is far more important then I used to believe it was. If you keep telling yourself you can’t do something you will come to believe it and it will turn into a mental block for you. So I will remain positive and focus on the fact that I can write and I will write and I will make it successful. No matter how long it takes I will continue working towards my goals – without goals we really have nothing. 

So my timetables are going to go up on my wall and I will each day get my butt in the seat in my writing room and write something…anything until I’m done with re-training only then does the real hard work begin.

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