Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finding my feet

Ever so slowly I'm settling in not at all helped by the weather we've been having in the past week. In the last two weeks we've had blazing sun, freezing rain, snow and then back to rain with sleet in it from time to time. If that's not enough to make you dizzy I don't know what is.

The writing room is almost done, though we still have boxes absolutely everywhere. I will get it all sorted eventually but for the time being I'm focusing on a couple of writing jobs and also college work (as I've said before I'm retraining and unfortunately with that retraining comes a tonne of coursework).

I'm presently working on a rewrite of a vampire story I wrote a long time ago which hardly has any vampires in. The one that is mentioned hardly has any viewing time so I'm not sure I can even call this story a vampire story any more but we shall see what comes from it.

I've also discovered having gone through my notes I have a tonne of very short stories just hanging around waiting for someone to look at them so whenever I have time I'll be polishing them up and sending them out.

I've just recently discovered on-line food shopping! The wonders of ordering all your food and having it delivered without the hassle of having to travel around to push through all the shoppers and get food. Instead I can have it delivered when I want and at home so I can remain in comfort and get more work done. Speaking of which back to it!

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