Thursday, May 8, 2008

What happened to Spring?

It seems in the past few days that winter has left only to be replaced by Summer. I'm sure the good weather we're presently having wont last but whilst it does it's best to enjoy it.

In terms of writing I've been working on the spy story still. Sometimes I don't realise the flaw in my own writings until they are pointed out to me, my biggest flaw is trying to do too many stories at the same time and then getting all stressed over the different plot lines. So I've been solely concentrating on the spy story. It's just over 5.6k and I know where I'm going with it, and will get there soon (hopefully).

Once that's done however I've got a few short pieces to work on for some anthologies before working once more on Melting Point 2 and Tools of the Trade.

I feel I've got a sore throat coming on so although I've not done much writing today I'm going to call it a night and try and get some sleep!

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