Friday, May 9, 2008

Seventy Days of Sweat Update

Well I thought since it had been a while I would update you all on my progress in the Seventy Days of Sweat challenge. It's now only got a week to go and I'm really hoping the organisers continue to run another one, since although it doesn't increase my output it does help to build a sense of community and that's important.

This is the third Seventy Days and in the other two although I fell a good number of words short of 60k I did get the goals I wanted done. This time however I decided that I would write at least 60k as well as getting a number of pieces totally finished. I did a rough count up earlier this week and I was just short by 7k, so the good news is I'll hit 60k this time around!

Once it's all finished I'll give my words and proper count and then I'll post up what I've written over this time.

Oh by the way as for the good news I mentioned a couple of posts ago keep your eyes peeled it will be coming soon!

Telly: Nothing presently
Music: None at present
Choc/Yummy: None at the moment I've only just got up!
Mood: Productive, with a really bad sore throat
Main Writing: Nothing so far except this journal
Flash Writing: Nothing
Reading: Nothing! I wont until I get at least one thing done

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