Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So I've done it again....

Very often when I'm writing I don't notice the time which is why I was up until six this morning writing a story that I hadn't meant to write.

Melting Point 2 is coming along nicely although I didn't add to it yesterday much. Tools of the Trade I haven't touched at all but I'm plotting and planning in my head about it all the time. Last nights writings occurred because I was thinking about a story I've been meaning to re-write for ages, and oddly enough last night seemed the right time to do it. So now I've got another piece on the go! This one is a female spy on the run story who gets help from a delicious farmer she meets on a train. I've not got a working title for it yet but when I first wrote it I planned it to be a story in three parts or a trilogy. The way things are working out with it it looks like it will be just that. So off to carry on work on part one!


Telly: Nothing presently
Music: None at present
Choc/Yummy: None at the moment I've only just got up!
Mood: Productive
Main Writing: Nothing so far except this journal - however I wrote 2.6k last night
Flash Writing: Nothing
Reading: Nothing! I wont until I get at least one thing done

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