Thursday, April 24, 2008

Words count

Often when I'm working on a piece that I like the idea of but that I feel the plot isn't really gelling I put it to one side and try and distance myself from it. Then in a couple of months maybe more I'll go back to it and be able to see my way through it all - of course this only works on pieces that aren't on deadline.

Yesterday I was idly looking through a page on the Internet when I got the answer to a plot issue from a story I was working on way back in December. It wouldn't stop digging at me so I pulled the pages out dusted them off (I tend to write stories out at least to begin with since I don't tend to be near a computer for the start of them) and began work on it once more. So between that and another project (which I've now placed to one side for a few days to allow me to get this one sorted) I ended up writing just over 5000 words. To put that in perspective normally I work on 1000 words or less. Now I don't want to put this piece down until it's finished so I'm sat here working on it pushing up that word count.

So far so good.

Telly: None at the moment
Music: None at present other then the noise of my partner sleeping
Choc/Yummy: None at the moment
Mood: Active, happy, productive and tired
Main Writing: 1573 and counting
Flash Writing: Nothing
Reading: Nothing just yet

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