Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The end of April

So it looks like April is going to go by without an acceptance, although I do have some maybes on pieces I sent out this month - I wont know about them until their deadline is up and that's not till sometime later this year. Still I got a lot of writing done in April so I'm happy with that.

Yesterday's writing however didn't go so well, I got a bit done on the Melting Point 2, but then had to go away from the computer which meant I couldn't continue it. So instead I wrote a few words on a new short piece for a website that I'm hoping to submit a number of pieces to. I have the first piece I did for them waiting to be typed up but I don't think I'll do that know until I have the one that's currently being written finished.

May will see me hopefully producing a lot more work, and submitting even more. I've not submitted a huge amount in April so I'm going to rectify that next month. Then of course Coming Together: With Pride will be out in June so I'm going to start the promo of that.

In the next few months I've got a busy schedule ahead of me. June/July sees the release of Coming Together: With Pride in which Freedom to Serve a short m/f BDSM piece is featured. The end of July will see the release of Cold Fire and then sometime after August Rekindling the Spark will be out.

Both Cold Fire and Rekindling the Spark are with the editor now so here's to edits!

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