Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today my print copy of Coming Together: Under Fire (which has my story Melting Point in) turned up this morning (I'll put a picture up of it soon). It's currently next to my writing computer waiting for me to read it. It's the first book that I've actually had a piece of work in so it's got the first place on the shelf, although I know soon others will be joining it.

In other news Melting Point 2 is going ok, I've slowed it down a little because there's a couple of scenes within the story that I need to get right and I want to spend my time over, although I need to keep telling myself that this is the first draft and they are usually very messy.

We've finally moved all the furniture around so I have a computer all set up for my writing. The computer isn't connected to the network so I can't go surfing on the internet with it. Now you would think this was a good plan, giving me more time to write and less time surfing etc...however it also has lots of screensavers and other lovely time eating devices upon it. I would begin to clean them off but then there is a point where that action also becomes a time eating event. So I'm leaving it all as it is and stealing myself to get the words down.

I've got a piece I need to edit this week, as well as a number of pieces to type up and then edit. As well as working on Melting Point 2 (I'm hoping to have it all done and dusted by Sunday - at least the first draft), and Tools of the Trade of course.

Anyway enough procrastination! I'm off to hide Coming Together: Under Fire so I don't get distracted by it, make a cup of tea dig out my food and....write!


Telly: Does a fish screensaver count?
Music: None at present although a random mix will be on soon
Choc/Yummy: None at the moment digging that out in a moment
Mood: Productive
Main Writing: 600 so far (will be much more soon hopefully!)
Flash Writing: Nothing
Reading: Nothing! I wont until I get at least one thing done

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