Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another Update

Well I was going to sign in yesterday and let everyone know what was going on, but I sort of didn't what with writing and everything.

So I'll recap now.

On Sunday I hit just over 11k on 'Tools of the Trade' (working title). Looking at the section I was working on I began to despair that I'm becoming wordy, and I realised that I wanted to write a short hot piece just to show that I still could. When I started writing a year ago hitting 5k seemed like a mammoth task, now it isn't so daunting if the story is right, but I have begun to have a tendency to put too many words in - see I'm doing it here now.

So I began thinking if I had anything I could expand or a storyline that I wanted to explore that still had a BDSM theme to it - I don't want to stop on that theme or I fear I might loose the flow of 'Tools of the Trade'. Finally I remembered Melting Point (my short 3k piece on waxplay in Coming Together: Under Fire), in that story there is a couple mentioned that when I was writing it I really wanted to explore their story. So that's what I'm writing now.

This piece currently begins with a short wax play scene but then backtracks to the moment of them meeting when Ruby as she is now was still called Rebecca, and Dalton hadn't 'discovered' her. I wrote the first 1000 words on Sunday but yesterday I really began to write it in earnest, and hit 5k just before taking a break and then plotting other pieces. I'm just about to start the first play scene between them, although it's not really between them Dalton is just there as a guiding hand since I've decided that Rebecca is a switch. I began trying to write her as a submissive but she wasn't having any of it so now she's a switch - which works as a compromise I think and adds to the possibility of other stories with the two of them.

I've also got a side character that I'm beginning to really like so I think I might be writing about her at some point. It occurs to me as I'm writing this that there's a number of people interlinking the two stories that I want to explore further so maybe I've got the beginning of a series. They will all be stand alones if I do because I don't want anyone to say 'oh I can't read this one because I haven't read 1-x yet and therefore aren't going to bother picking it up' Plus I like reading series out of sync for some reason.

So that's what I'm up to now. The words are flowing and the writing is getting done - and yes Melting Point 2 has become longer than I wanted it to be but it is a good story I think and I guess at the end of the day it needs to be as long as it needs to be.

In other news I was looking through the two books that I track my submissions in (two very old textbooks - one for fiction less than 1000 words, the other for fiction/non-fiction greater then that word count) and I've realised that I've not sent anything out for totally ages. I've had a number of rejections but unlike my normal self I've not just turned them around and sent them straight back out again. I think a submission day is in order - but only once I've got this story out of the way (and perhaps Tools of the Trade too)


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