Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why do I write?

Someone asked me recently why do I write. I've given the question a lot of thought and I guess I write because I can and because if I didn't I would very quickly get lost under the plot lines that run through my head.

Although I'm a published author I write for the pleasure of writing and although other people say this it is true that I would continue to write even if I had never had anything published. Seeing your name on a story and getting reviews because of it is fantastic and I love being paid to write but its just the icing on the cake.

I also write because it's been recommended as something that will help me by my doctors. It helps me get my ideas out on paper rather then pushing them away in my head. I use writing as a tool and am just glad so over-joyed that I have readers who can understand what I meant!

So i write because I have to I think, and if I didn't I would be a much more tense person.


Ciara Gold said...

Very insightful and echos my own reasons very nicely. I write because the muse won't leave me alone. LOL. She's a demanding mistress for sure. Seriously though, I write because it relieves stress and teaching is a very stressful occupation. Escaping into a whole other world is a satifying ending to a chaotic day.

Liane Gentry Skye said...

What a great post. I hopped over here from Seventy Days of Sweat to give you a high five and a "you GO girl!".