Monday, September 3, 2007

The waiting game

Sometimes it can feel as if you are being slightly ignored (although there is something in the old saying no news is good news). Since reading submissions takes time it can seem from the writers point of view that their submission has just been forgotten especially when it takes a few months to get any sort of response.

Currently I've got twelve pieces out and since I'm presently working on sending a piece of sudden fiction out every week that number will very quickly increase I'm sure. I know how long it can take to review a piece of work so for all those writers out there that are holding their breaths waiting to see if they get accepted.

The best advice is to just breath and move on to the next piece of work. If you are always just waiting for the acceptance/rejection before sending out something else you will worry yourself out. By ignoring the one you have just sent out and working on a new piece (maybe that brilliant idea you had whilst writing the piece you have just sent out) you may find you are actually able to relax and that your productivity goes up.

I'll let you all know when I hear anything from any of the pieces, and I will now stop rambling and actually go and get some sleep!


victoriablisse said...

Waiting is reeeeeeaaaaalllllly hard -I'm terribly impatient myself. Hope you have lots of good news soon :)

Mel said...

I just did a similiar post and have to admit that writing something else does take your mind off of the waiting.

So fingers crossed for you.

Heidi said...

Victoria: Well I'm still waiting :) But now trying to look the other way in the hope that the good news will sneak up on me from behind *grin*

Mel: Thanks for the comment and the fingers. I also find that writing something totally different be it in a different genre or a sudden fiction piece rather then an long story/book helps quite often. Of course the 70 Days thing is helping on that one! How is it going for you?