Monday, September 3, 2007

First Summer of Fire review

This review has been up quite a while now but it's only now I've decided to put it up here (it's in many other places but now also here). I would like to thank Lettetia for writing such a great review.

Here is the first review written about Summer of Fire (available from here: )

You can find the original review here.

Summer of Fire by Nicole Gestalt

Genre: contemporary
ISBN: 9781594264771
Page Count: 21
Price: $2.00
Reviewer: Lettetia
Sensuality Rating: Sizzling
Star Rating: 4 Stars
Author's Website:
Four alarm passion is the basis for Summer of Fire, part of the Phaze Force line. Nicole Gestalt sets a quick pace right away as an arsonist preys on the city.

Policewoman, Helen Montoya has had the hots for a sexy firefighter for a while now. At the latest arson fire, she is saved when he throws himself over her as explosions rip through the complex. When she notices the wedding band on his left hand, she is filled with despair. But Helen is not one to give up easily, she goes to the firehouse to invite him for coffee as thanks for saving her life; it’s the least she can do, right

Firefighter, Mark, widowed when his wife Jenna was killed in a house fire five years previously; became a firefighter for that reason. He still talks to her picture sometimes, but with Helen pushing her way into his life, he feels it is time to move forward with his life, perhaps with Helen

From the opening scene, it is apparent the sexual chemistry between Mark and Helen is sizzling. Both are intelligent and brave individuals who are not afraid to pursue what they want. A strong sense of duty is Mark’s most attractive feature, while the devotion to his wife is an emotional one. Helen is a self-possessed woman, passionate and loving. Her desire for Mark and the disappointment over his married state is palpable. The struggle to leave him alone is realistic and admirable. The culmination of their mutual desire is explosive, dramatically written, yet romantic as well. This is a fine story to spend an hour with; this reader’s only complaint is that it is so short; I would have liked to have more pages to devour.

Written by Lettetia Elsasser - Visit Website

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