Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Changing your routine

Following on from the last post I have spent the past few days trying to follow my own advice and ignore all those pieces out there. Now it might have worked however I have had a number of things occur over the past few days that has put my writing of kilter. However i now think I have solved the problem!

When I started to write I used to write everything onto a computer. I found that if I didn't the words just simply didn't flow as well as I liked and I wasn't able to change things almost instantly like you can do on a computer. That was my routine for a long time and it did work, but then I started to get more into hand writing everything (mainly after my handwriting got better and I could actually read what I had written!) summer of fire was the first story I wrote totally on paper before transcribing it onto the computer. I felt a sort of freedom writing by hand and that's how I've been working for a good while. Now over the weekend I wrote a few pieces not massive amounts and only a small number of words, whenever I looked at the page although their were words in my head i just couldn't get them down on paper. In the end and more out of a sense of desperation I decided to go back to the computer and start writing using that. It worked! In a few hours the words happily left my fingers and I've even get two brand new plot lines as well as an idea where each story is going to take me. Ones a paranormal story and the other one I've not quite pin-pointed yet.

Now I'm one of the first people who would admit that I really like routine. I plan all the possibilities out before making a decision and then panic even whilst I'm making that decision. However I've realised that sometimes it's good to shake up the routine in fact sometimes it's the best thing you can do. So if anyone is stuck or things aren't quite working out the way you hoped them to do try changing what your doing try something new and go against the routine. You just never know where it might lead!

Now I'm going to go back to my writing whilst I really really want to put the words down.

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