Sunday, September 9, 2007

Possible good news

However I can't mention anything yet! Once I find out for definite I will post it up on here but until I find out everything about it i can't really say anything (sorry!).

I got three rejections in two days recently, one sudden fiction piece and two erotic pieces. The sudden fiction is now back out and I'm currently researching where to send one of the erotic pieces. The main problem is that it is short as far as my other pieces go but it's longer then the sudden fiction pieces so it doesn't really fit anywhere - however I do have an idea for an anthology so perhaps that's the best way to go!

All of the rejections were very polite and explained why it was that they couldn't take the piece in question so I didn't feel so bad about them. I've now only got 9 pieces out so I really should get cracking on more pieces. I'm currently writing a paranormal piece that seems to have come out of no where and I saw a great Hammer Horror film last night which has set my mind thinking.

I've not got any big deadlines coming up so I'm more or less free to work on just some general ideas that I've had.

I'm on just under 30K for the 70 Days of Sweat which I'm very pleased about and with only a couple more weeks to go I might even get to 40K (I said might!). I am very happy that I signed up for the challenge and will be signing up for the next one as it's made me accountable for the amount of words I'm writing. Once the 70 Days is up I'll make a post talking about all the different things that I have written over the time.


Morgan St. John said...

Good Luck Nicole!
I picked up your site over at coffee time. It's nice when all that work starts coming together, isn't it?

have a great week.

Ciara Gold said...

Isn't it funny how rejections all hit at the same time. Grrr. But then, I guess it's all part of the business of writing. Here's hoping your work will find a home.

And Congrats on making your goal. That's a lot of words in a short amount of time. I wish I could write that fast. I did manage 10K in about 3 weeks. That's the fastest I've ever written anything. But it was hard. So - kudos!!!

Heidi said...

Thanks to you both!

I know a number of places that send out their rejections in batches so perhaps sometimes places match when they send them out. I've still got a few pieces out so we'll see what happens to them.

As for the writing well the 70 days is now up my final word count was 36661 which I'm so happy with.