Friday, August 24, 2007

A bad day

Well in some ways it has been anyway. The first thing you learn about being a writer is that not everything you write is the most amazing thing in the world. Each piece of work that is written is polished and sent on its way with the hope that it will shine out and be noticed, sometimes that happens but most of the time they get sent back with a little note saying they are not quite right yet.

Today I got two rejections, but that's OK I'm happy with the way they were received and they will be soon sent back out again. I've still got a number of pieces floating around yet to report back so I'm just concentrating on the next pieces I'm working on.

Rejections have never upset me as much as I thought they would I know some people find them quite hard to take but for me they are part of being a writer. Every job has its good and bad points rejections just happen to be a less good part of being a writer. I don't say they are bad because they can give you a chance to polish it again, to change something and make it even better.

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