Thursday, August 23, 2007

Current writing projects

I have had a number of people over the past week ask me what my current writing projects are so I've decided to keep a tally of the various pieces I'm working on so everyone can keep track with me.

At present I've got various things going on as well as the writing but i guess that's nothing new, and those who know me personally will understand what is going on in my life at present. However when it comes to writing I'm spending almost all day working on it and try and do at least a thousand words a day.

In recent weeks I've been working a lot more on my sudden fiction pieces and hopefully some of those will be in print soon.

Where my longer writing it concerned I'm just polishing one piece of that will be sent before next Friday, and then I'm going to be working on two short erotic pieces that I'm quite looking forward to writing as they are a little bit different to the types I normally do.

I've also got plans for the wedding stories that I got ideas for on Saturday, I've begun one but it's just the bare bones currently.

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