Thursday, June 7, 2007

Second round of edits

So the second round of edits on 'Summer of Fire' have been done and sent of. Its getting closer to the day of publication now (well its still just under 2 months away but its a lot closer then it was!) and I'm getting very excited about it. I've spent the past few days working on various publicity things including some competitions so please keep an eye out for them!

When I'm not working on that I've been busy writing two stories both of which have taken a totally different direction to the way I thought they would. When I write I tend to start with an idea of the person I'm writing about and the first few sentences, then I just let myself write and see where I end up. It's kind of how I would imagine being at the top of a roller coaster as it goes over the highest point feels like. It's very scary but at the same time extremely exhilarating and once you start of you have no idea where you'll end up. The main piece I'm working on at the moment started of as a very vanilla piece but has quickly turned into a possible BDSM piece which will be interesting but I'm just going to see where my writing takes me with it, so I'll say no more on that mater for now.

I've also started working on some reviews that should be up and posted soon - which I know the owner of the site will be happy to hear.

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