Sunday, June 3, 2007


So the edits are getting done and its getting closer to the publication date! I'm very excited and keep an eye out on here for extracts will be popping up soon.

The weathers been pretty good recently which is great for those who like sun and heat but not so great for my muse who has hay fever and is very full of sniffles at the moment. We've been looking after some cats and a house over the past week which I've enjoyed I love being around animals and one of the cats is just so friendly that she stays with you the entire time your in the house. I've been using it as an opportunity to watch how cats move, they always seem to take only just the right amount of steps as if they have the distances already worked out. The reason I've been watching the cats is because I've had a few ideas of a shape shifter story which I wont say much more about other then the main protagonist is very sexy!

Now we've got to head over the house and clean up the gift that has been left for us (poor mouse).

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