Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hot lazy days

For the past few days it's been very very hot and my poor male muse has been suffering badly from hay fever as well as the heat. So the days have been long and lazy although my writing has been coming on a treat and I've been really getting into a piece that I'm working on currently. However it has mutated into something a little different to what it started on.

I've not been doing as much sudden fiction as I've been meaning to but I've been jotting down the odd idea here and there so when I am done with the present story I'll start working on them. I've also got a couple of ideas for an anthology and a murder mystery story both of which will be fun to write if I get down to them.

I'm working on a first draft of a children's story about a fish, although it is in the most basic stages. I know I don't have to do the drawings for it but I've been sketching a few things down to help me explain whats going on but if I feel they suit the story I might work on them to make it all fit together more fluidly.

Contracts have finally been signed and the last edits are in so I'll soon be putting up excerpts of Summer of Fire and news of a competition too.

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