Monday, May 14, 2007

Sudden Fiction

Writing a very short piece can be a great way to focus the mind. A complete story has to be boiled down to its very essence and the words picked very carefully. When there is a word restraint (in this case less then 1000 words) every word can count. I love to write sudden fiction as a way to shake me out of a rut, witting it allows me to see things slightly differently and I enjoy it sometimes even more then I enjoy the longer types of writing that I do. Before my illness I only ever wrote sudden fiction although I don't think I realised at the time. I've spent a couple of days digging out all my old writings and have realised that almost every single one is below 1000 words, with some polishing I think they will be ready for submissions so when I get a spare moment they will be attended to.

I've found that for me the easiest sudden fiction to write is horror. Now i know this may not be the same for others but I find it hard to keep the level of suspense up in longer stories so when I write sudden fiction I find whole new genre's opening up to me especially horror.

Things are going well at present I've been busy writing and catching up on emails all day and the weather looks like it might clear up which will be good news for the dog we walk as he doesn't like rain too much!

Now its time to go find a cup of tea.

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