Saturday, May 19, 2007


Things just get in the way and words just aren't written. In the past week I've managed to only write a small amount because each time I've set myself down to write something else has cropped up and I've had to get deal with that.

At the beginning of the week it was because I was pretty ill and so slept a couple of days without realising it. Then in the middle of the week it was people wanted to talk to me about other things so I couldn't concentrate on both and had to just focus on them - which I don't mind but it does stop me from writing. Then yesterday we (myself and my muse) had to spend the entire day moving very heavy rocks. We'd been led to believe that it would only take a couple of hours but eight hours later we began to think it would take much longer! The evening then appeared and the rock moving was finished (although not complete) with my muse having a crushed finger and us all full of aches and pains.

So I've decided that tomorrow since we don't walk the dog or have any other obligations I'm going to spend the whole day writing! Now I am really appreciating those days when the words just wont leave you alone until you put them down on paper, I really like those days.

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