Thursday, May 10, 2007

Interviews and Phaze

When writing a new story sometimes its hard to work out what makes the new characters tick. One technique that many writers use is to give their characters interviews, asking them questions and then answering as their characters. Although it might give the impression you've got a split personality it does help to get inside the head of your characters. I don't tend to use the technique much because I sit with the stories and characters in my head for a while before writing them down but today I tried it out for an upcoming possible series I'm planning.

However I did sort of cheat slightly, as I'm basing the main male character on my partner so I wrote out an interview form for him and he filled it in....its not really cheating honest! So now I have a four page interview to read through and get ideas from, although I'm basing the character on him its not going to be totally him so there's still a lot of personality to work out but its getting there and it was very enlightening as a whole.

I think it is a technique that I will be using more in the future if I'm finding it hard to get into the characters heads but my main trouble is stopping all the little plot bunnies poking up when I'm trying to concentrate on something else. Although I tend to work on a few pieces at once I can only handle so many.

Enough of my ramblings I think now. The FORCE Phaze line up has been announced and placed up on the site if people would like to check out all the other wonderful people please got here: FORCE Phaze Line up Although obviously only if your over 18.

Over the past few days I've been getting myself back into a routine, there was a time when I had rearranged my sleep patterns to fit around certain things but I fell out of that pattern. Now we walk a dog in the morning for 6 days a week so after we've walked the dog and then gotten breakfast I then write until about 4 in the afternoon, unless I'm writing well in which case later than that. Its been fun and very worthwhile and I'm so glad I started forcing myself to write a bit a day now its something I look forward to and feel awkward not doing.

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