Thursday, April 26, 2007


Although this online journal was created as a place for my erotica readers to come and learn more about me for the time being at least it is now becoming the main point of communication for all the different genre’s that I write in. Now since I use many different pseudonyms I better introduce you all to them!

First of I use Heidi Cook for my science fiction, and sudden fiction (stories of 1000 words or less) as well as some of my non-fiction work (There will be details about them soon).

Heidi Morbannaon is the name I use when writing fantasy works. This is also the name I use for my pagan non-fiction works.

Nicole Gestalt is my erotica/romance name. It is under this name I write most of all but the others are gaining in usage.

As well as those genres I mix and match the names to the pieces I'm working on depending on how right the name feels with the piece. I also use Heidi Morbannaon and Heidi Cook with my artwork and have sold a number of pieces under both. Then of course you get the cross-genre works where things just get complicated!

As I've said before I use separate names for different genre's so that people don't get panicked when they read something they weren't expecting of my writing. However rest assured we are all the same person and no I don't have multiple personalities.

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