Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well yesterdays writing went well, I spent the entire day writing which is quite rare for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I finished of the piece that I will be sending off later this week and then I added some more to another erotic piece.

I frequent a lot of writing sites and I can always be found wandering the net looking for interesting submission requests etc.. although this online journal is based on my work as an erotic/romance author I also write under the names: Heidi Cook, Heidi Morbannaon and a few others all in different genres. I have a love of fantasy (sword and sorcery) which I will no doubt at some point in the future be melding with the erotic works but for now I'm working on a couple of pieces that are just purely fantasy and I am very excited about them.

I love writing erotica and I love writing about the physical interactions of people especially those that push the boundaries ever so little. However sometimes I find it hard to switch between on erotic project to another and its nice to occasionally have a chunk of solid fantasy or science fiction in the middle. It allows me to become all refreshed when I'm then going back to the erotic work.

So now I'm working on three things full time and one or two on and off a piece of BDSM which is going well so far although I'm not sure where the characters are taking me. A piece of erotica based on a new m/f relationship and a fantasy story. I've also got some other fantasy stories being worked upon and I'm trying my hand at flash fiction (or sudden fiction - very short stories usually between the length of 50 to 1000 words) which is fun.

I like having lots of things on at once as I become quite easily distracted and find flipping between projects helps me concentrate in a strange way!

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