Thursday, February 1, 2007

Writing and Ideas

Ideas for my writing come from many different places, today I've been looking through one of my tarot books and have come up with many different plot lines all of which I would like to pursue. I think I will sit down and plot them all out then work out which ones I will be able to have the most fun with.

I don't write well when I'm not enjoying the subject/general storyline I don't know what its like for most people but I find that if I'm passionate about something I get it done quicker and to a higher standard then when I'm not enjoying it. Don't get me wrong I do write about things in my stories that I wouldn't personally enjoy but if I like the characters (even the villainous ones) I find the writing flows better and I'm not stuck staring at the screen for ages waiting for inspiration.

I must get into the habit of taking a pen and paper around with me always because I'm sure I forget a lot of pieces and ideas that I have during the day. Plus you never do know where inspiration will pop up.

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