Tuesday, January 3, 2006

My artwork

Many people have come to me to ask me about my artwork, so I thought I would place up a post to talk about it.

I work almost exclusively with wax. Pigmented bees wax to be exact, which can come in a huge variety of colours and opacity.

The wax is 'painted' onto the paper using a flat iron which is heated enough for the wax to melt upon it.

The wax is placed upon the iron and then the iron placed upon the paper.

Using different edges of the iron can produce different effects and combining that with the fluid unpredictable nature of the wax pictures can almost make themselves.

I planned to have images of me working with the iron here, but taking a photograph whilst doing something is not the easiest. So until I have managed to take some images I'm actually happy with please visit this site which shows exactly what it is I do: http://www.encaustic.com/techniq/07_iron_sky/07_iron_sky.html

Here are some examples of work that I've done using these techniques

This piece I've actually had used as part of a cover of one of my books, Cold Fire.

This piece was done by just letting the wax completely dictate where it wanted to go creating a vast nebulae like pattern upon the paper.

The unpredictability of this art form always excites me, as you never know what kind of image you'll quite end up with.

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