Thursday, February 1, 2007

To do lists and WIPS

Now because I keep misplacing my to do lists I thought I would post it up here so I can see what I have to do and also what things are in the pipeline. Plus you the readers can also read and see.
To Do:
  • Femdom switch that I've got a small inkling of an idea for
  • My anthology (details to be posted up at a different date)
  • A period BDSM story (as well as the one I'm presently working on)
  • Various f/f stories (there are so many of these that I've got planned it would be silly posting a list of them for the moment)
  • A story to do with snow (possibly another BDSM one I'm not sure)
  • Fantasy story (eek I've not even thought about this one and I'm meant to be sending it in May)
  • Museum piece (a weird mix between historical and erotica this one i'm kind of excited about it but its going to take some working out)
  • Vampire story (based on a dream I once had)
  • Pirate story (again for the same reason)

That's all the to do's I can think of for now, although I've probably missed lots

WIPS (works in progress)

  • BDSM m/f/f story
  • Vampire story (I'm going to have to rewrite I think because the file became corrupt)
  • Murder Mystery - although I think I'm shelving this one for a while it doesn't seem to be going anywhere
  • Wedding story (I started this one for a EC submission but shelved it although it does have potential)

Out of those there's a mix of vanilla stories and erotica and BDSM stories and I love everyone (well I should do I'm writing them!), anyway they are written down now so I won't misplace the list anymore.

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