Thursday, February 1, 2007

Fleshing out ideas

So I've spent the last few hours fleshing out ideas on two stories, and now I feel slightly torn the idea was to flesh them out work out which one I felt had the most potential and then write that one. I've got two months before the deadline but I wanted to really work at the story and not be switching between the two and other projects, but now I can't decide! I sometimes get the feeling that I have too many ideas and not enough time, and I'm still sat here contemplating various other genres of writing I want to try and do (as well as the erotica, BDSM, fantasy I also write sci-fi). I really need to learn how to prioritise and see one project through before starting others. Although saying that I sometimes find it useful to switch between projects as I have a very short attention span when it comes to some things and being able to take a fresh look on things I find can improve the plot.
Anyway enough of me rambling.. maybe if I write a bit of both then whichever one I feel is flowing best I'll continue and the other I'll shelve.

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