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Guest Blog Questions and Answers - Slave Nano

It's another Friends Friday (I'm playing with names so watch this space) and this Friday I have the honour of introducing Slave Nano to the blog.

As you will hear he has had a very varied and interesting introduction to writing and this has flavoured a lot of his work which is always fresh and interesting and well worth a read especially if you like BDSM.

So without further ado please welcome Slave Nano

  • What was it that got you into writing in the erotica genre?
How did I get to become a writer of erotic stories? Well, it was by a bizarre route. For a number of years I served a dungeon mistress who was very skilled at creating scenes and assuming different characters. I used story telling as a way of contributing to those scenes and adding my creativity to them. These stories would often get woven into the sessions this supremely skilled and imaginative dominatrix conducted. It was a fantastic experience and provided me with the inspiration to write and then go on to get my writing published. My work still draws on the themes of feminine domination, bdsm and fetish acquired through this experience, though not exclusively.
  • What's your most recent piece of published work?
I’ve just had a story released called ‘The Nemesis Bird’ published by Forbidden Fiction. It’s inspired by ‘The Tales of the Arabian Nights’ and relates the tale of Sofia-al-din Hasan, a servant-girl in the Caliph of Ishfahan’s household. She’s ordered to capture a magical bird for the Caliph but she sets it free instead. For that she’s punished for forty days and forty nights. It’s dark erotica and not for the faint hearted - though it does have a satisfying denouement!
  • If you become stranded which one of your characters would you want to be stranded with and where would you be stranded?
That would have to be with The Red Queen from my erotic novel ‘Adventures in Fetishland’. She rules over a fetish fantasy world, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, where anything can happen…and does!

  • What are you working on now?
I’m two-thirds of the way into a new erotic novel, provisionally titled ‘La Contessa’. It develops the characters from one of my short stories and is set in 18th century Venice, which provides a wonderful setting for some debauched and decadent erotica!
  • Do you write in any other genres?
Yes, under another pen name I’ve had work published by a Pagan e-magazine called Eternal Haunted Summer. I also regularly contribute to story-telling sessions at my local Pagan moot, usually with stories drawn from mythology or local legends. I also conduct tours of local prehistoric and Pagan sites for the same group based on my own research. I’ve recently submitted a ghost story based on a Yorkshire legend, which is my first serious attempt to get published outside the erotica genre.
  • Do you enjoy promoting your writing?
I do enjoy giving readings and am a regular attender of ‘Smutters’ events where I’ve had the opportunity to do that. You do get a buzz from giving a reading. I was also proud to get my book featured in Bizarre magazine accompanied by a stunning photo taken at a studio session by a professional photographer.
  • Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
I’m definitely a coffee man. I need repeated shots of caffeine through the day to keep me going, especially when I’m writing!
  • What's the most valuable piece of advice you've been given about writing?
Have faith in your muse and stick to it. I don’t believe in chasing the current trend or anticipating what that might be. I write what gives me pleasure and if other people read it and enjoy it then that’s a great bonus.
  • Where can readers find you and your books?
My face book page is at:
My Amazon author page is at:
My pinterest page is at:

The Nemesis Bird can be found here:

Blurb: One day the cruel, vain Caliph of Ishfahan spies a magical bird in a courtyard garden. He summons Sofia, one of his servant girls, to go there with a gilded cage and capture the bird for him. But when she sees the wondrous bird she tells her to fly away to safety. The Caliph is enraged and orders Sofia to be put into an iron cage, and for his imperial guard to abuse her for forty days and forty nights. But what will befall when her forty day ordeal is complete and she is summoned to the Caliph to be executed?

Thank you to Slave Nano for answering my questions and don't forget if you are wanting to be interviewed please get in touch!

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