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Guest Blog Questions and Answers - Lucy Felthouse

Every now and then I love to open this blog up to other authors and this time is no exception. Over the coming weeks I've got a number of interviews by a wide range of authors. If you are an author and would like to be interviewed get in touch and I'll send you over the questions!

Now for the first interview of the series I'd like to introduce Lucy Felthouse she is a very prolific author and another Brit author!

What was it that got you into writing?
Writing in general is something I’ve done ever since I physically could. As a child I was constantly scribbling away in notepads. Then when I got my first computer I typed away.
Writing erotica started when I was at university, and someone dared me to write an erotic story.

What was your first piece of published work?
A short story called Wet & Willing, which appeared in an issue of Scarlet Magazine back in 2006.

Has the genre you write in had an impact on your everyday life and relationships?
No, absolutely not.

What was the first thing you did this morning?
Pressed ‘snooze’ on my alarm.

If you become stranded which one of your characters would you want to be stranded with and where would you be stranded?
Oooh, that’s a great question. I’m going to cheat and use a couple, because you wouldn’t have one without the other ;) It would have to be James and Logan from my upcoming book, Eyes Wide Open, because they’re just so incredibly hot, fun and naughty!

What are you working on now?
I’m working on a M/F erotic romance novella called Love Through a Lens. If it’s accepted, it’ll be available as part of a contemporary erotic romance boxed set. Watch this space ;) It’s set in the Peak District, so naturally is a very outdoorsy tale, which is a nice change of pace.

What got you into writing your current gene?
The dare I mentioned in the first question ;)

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
Tea. Milk, three sugars, please.

What's the most valuable piece of advice you've been given about writing?
Learn to edit your own work. It needs to be as polished as possible to impress editors, especially right now when the genre is getting increasingly crowded.

What's the worst?
I don’t think I’ve ever been given poor advice. Or if I have I’ve not taken any notice, or just ignored it anyway!

Where can readers find you and your books?
The best place to find out about all my books is my website, It’s kept well up to date, and my blog is there too, so there’s plenty to keep you entertained!

Lucy's most recent release is Sated - check it out now from Totaly Bound!
A human, a vampire and a werewolf walked into a bar. Sexy is what happens next.
Since getting together with her vampire boyfriend, Ace, Aneesa is enjoying a sex life she could never have with a human. Ace has skill, strength, stamina…and is massively adventurous. Aneesa is checking things off her sexual bucket list at a rate of knots. However, she hasn’t even come close to experiencing the ultimate item on her list. So when Ace beats her to it, proposing a threesome with his werewolf friend, Barton, Aneesa’s definitely up for it.
Barton is attractive, smart and sexy—almost too good to be true, in fact. Aneesa decides not to jump straight into things, but makes sure it’s what she truly wants. However, it turns out Barton’s not so easily dissuaded.
Will Aneesa get the ultimate erotic experience she’s desired for so long? Will she be truly sated, or is the plan doomed to failure?


Author Bio:
Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

Thank you so much to Lucy for popping by! Don't forget to go check her books out you won't be disapointed, and if you would like to be interviewed yourself get in touch!

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