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Cosmic Encounters Inspiration Post - Crysta K. Coburn

Cosmic Encounters is an anthology of science fiction stories all with an erotic slant. There are stories from the near future to others taking place on a far flung world. As is custom with most of my anthologies there is a wide number of pairings and heat levels.

Third to speak about their inspiration behind their story is Crysta K Coburn. She is the writer behind the story Heaven Ain't Close.

Here is the blurb:

In a world nearly tapped out by war, one soldier seeks the lost love of her life in the pleasure quarters of Mars' capitol for one more night together.

Now without further ado please help me welcome Crysta to the blog!

Crysta's Inspiration

A lot of things inspired my story “Heaven Ain’t Close,” but there was one distinct light bulb moment. I had read a call for submissions online in the weeks before with the theme “lesbian science fiction erotica.” This was over ten years ago in middle America when writing about LGBTQ people was both shocking and tantalizing. I was still in college and a part of our LGBTQ and allies organization, and we were very much oppressed by other groups on campus. I wanted to write that story. But all my brainstorming came up with nothing for days until, one night, I was listening to music and “Somebody Told Me” by the Killers came on. And there it was, my opening scene, playing vividly before my mind’s eye. 

The broken white lines that separated the lanes blurred together into one as the road fell away beneath my air bike… The story actually has very little to do with the lyrics of the song, though elements did inspire plot points coming together. The original contest that inspired this story ended up tanking. I took the opportunity to rework the story, returning to it over the years, and resubmit it. I am so happy this story has finally found its home with Cosmic Encounters.

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About Crysta

Crysta K. Coburn is a graduate of Western Michigan University, holding degrees in both creative writing and Asian Studies. Though she writes in many genres, her favourite is speculative fiction. Previous anthologies featuring her work include “GlassFire Anthology” and “Valves and Vixens: Steampunk Erotica”. She is also a columnist for a local journal and blogs regularly. Find her online at

Thanks for coming by Crysta. You can read Heaven Ain't Close in Cosmic Encounters

Cosmic Encounters is published by House of Erotica and is available in both ebook and print format here (as well as many other places)

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