Sunday, July 6, 2014

Valves & Vixens Give-away!

As you all know Valves & Vixens is now out! The foreword was done by Professor Elemental and to celebrate this fact we're running a give-way!

If you buy Valves & Vixens (thank you thank you thank you!) email me the receipt and I will put you into a draw to win a Professor Elemental CD (or if you would prefer it all on mp3 that, or a t-shirt).
If you buy something to do with Professor Elemental (from here: even if it's just one song email me proof of it and I will put you into a draw to win a print copy of Valves & Vixens.

And! If you are wonderful and buy something from both of us send me both receipts and I will put you into the draw twice to win something of your choice from one of us (ie. a back copy of a book, a cd etc..)

Email the entries to: valvesandvixens 'at' gmail 'dot' com

This give-away will be continuing until the end of August so you can always get multiple entries in!

Valves & Vixens is available here:
Amazon UK:
Amazon USA:
All Romance Ebooks:

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