Thursday, July 24, 2014

An update or two....and a release!

Phew okay so last week I'm minding my own business getting things done, I put up Alison Tyler's guest blog and then boom! no internet - at's just dead. Also no phone line - which makes things a little awkward. (I'm totally not blaming Alison Tyler but you know....coincidences? :) )

I've spent a week shouting rather loudly at the router which has spent the week blissfully ignoring me and now I'm sat writing this elsewhere. Since apparently in a week a lot can happen this is going to be a post of all kinds of things - *takes a deep breath*

First off!

Rachel Kramer Bussel's newest book The Big Book of Submission - 69 Kinky Tales is now out! This book was released in print earlier this month but it is also now finally out in ebook format so I'm considering it finally released. Within this book is my story Lost in the Feeling. I have read many of Rachel's anthologies over the past few years and more recently listened to them thanks to the gorgeous and talented Rose Caraway (and Big Daddy of course). This however is the first time that Rachel's accepted any of my work - it was an exciting day when I got the email!

You can find The Big Book of Submission here:

Amazon UK:
Amazon USA:

Then in a little while the really exciting news is that Rose Caraway is going to be putting it to audio! With 69 different stories you really aren't going to be able to go wrong with this one.

 I will be posting up more bits about this book as time goes on including a short excerpt but if you really can't wait I suggest you pop over to here: The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales

Now! Next thing to announce....

Valves & Vixens is now available in print!

I'm very excited to see this one in print not least for the amazing cover, but also because there are some truely awesome authors involved with this and I was honoured to be able to work with them.

You can get it from print here:

Amazon USA:
Amazon UK: 

Watch out for more inspiration posts coming soon and of course we have the Valves & Vixens blog tour next month.

Also! If you are planning to or have bought Valves & Vixens don't forget to take part in the giveaway. What giveaway I hear you ask well this one:

If you buy Valves & Vixens (thank you thank you thank you!) email me the receipt and I will put you into a draw to win a Professor Elemental CD (or if you would prefer it all on mp3 that, or a t-shirt).
If you buy something to do with Professor Elemental (from here: even if it's just one song email me proof of it and I will put you into a draw to win a print copy of Valves & Vixens.

And! If you are wonderful and buy something from both of us send me both receipts and I will put you into the draw twice to win something of your choice from one of us (ie. a back copy of a book, a cd etc..)

Email the entries to: valvesandvixens 'at' gmail 'dot' com

This give-away will be continuing until the end of August so you can always get multiple entries in!

As for everything else - Cosmic Encounters authors should more or less have all heard back from me by now if you haven't it's because I'm still pondering. If you haven't had an email from me and want to ask what's going on by all means contact me.

Writing is continuing I have lots of pieces on the go as usual and of course with none/no internet I really have no excuse so forgive me if I go and publish this and then get on with some more!

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