Thursday, April 3, 2014

Call for Submissions - Cosmic Encounters - erotic science fiction tales

Well all Valves &Vixens authors should have been contacted by now, if you haven't had an email please contact me!

In the meantime allow me to introduce my next anthology which is science fiction in nature Cosmic Encounters. This anthology came about because of a few submissions I received for Valves & Vixens and I am happy to say is now going ahead! I love science fiction (and yes I know I said that about steampunk but a girl can see another genre behind the others back right?) and with a background in science I quite often wander into science fiction writing.

We have a cover but it is just being finalised and once it is I'll be the first to show it off! (from what I have seen so far it looks wonderful just the right amount of sexuality and science fiction in one perfect for this book).

Here is the cover!

Here are the guidelines:

Editor: Nicole Gestalt
House of Erotica
Deadline:June 30
th 2014 (Early Submissions are preferred.)
Word Count: 5k - 15k
Theme: Science Fiction
Genre: Sicence Fiction but any sub-genre is welcome be it steamunk, BDSM, Fantasy, alternative-historical, action, comedy, crime or any other!
Pairings: Any
Heat: Any level from romance to burning the pages of the book!
Payment: Royalties will be split 40% of the net profits with contributing authors, exact values will be given once we know how many stories will be in the final anthology.
Rights: Six Years
Submission limit: Authors may submit up to two stories.
Editor/ Author Nicole Gestalt is looking for stories with a science fiction feel. These stories do not have to be focused on the far future or even the near future, they could be alternative histories or stories from far away worlds.

Be as inventive as you can but please don't forget the story line and the relationships! Since this is an erotic anthology there should be on the page sex scenes however don't forget the interaction between the characters and the relationship they have. The stories should either end with a Happy-For-Now or a Happy-Ever-After it would have to be a amazingly good story for me to select it if it didn't (but I am well prepared to have my opinion changed on that).

Nicole will be looking for stories that stand out so please don't just set your stories on Earth, they can be set anywhere in the solar system – or even outside of our galaxy. Don't be afraid to experiment

The No-No's: No scat, bestiality, under age sex, golden showers, rape or forced sex or incest of any kind and necrophilia (that does not include intelligent undead such as Vampires). If in doubt please ask

Format of submission: Please send the submissions double spaced in Times New Roman, 12 point black font. Indent the first line of each paragraph half an inch and double space (using normal double spacing please do not add an extra line between the paragraphs). Double quotation marks! Please submit your final, complete and totally edited version of the story. File format: .doc or .rtf. Since this is a British publisher UK spelling and grammar is greatly preferred.

In your document at the top left of the page please include you legal name, mailing address and a fifty words or less author bio written in the third person. If you are using a pen-name please provide both and make it clear which one you wish to use.

Please email your submissions to:

Authors must own their rights to the stories and not have had them published anywhere else. Please note the publisher has final approval over the stories included in the manuscript.

Don't forget to have fun with the writing! I can't wait to see what you all come up with

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