Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A bit of an update

Well I thought it was time for a quick update as I'm aware that I've been quite quiet of late. I have a lot of news to tell but as of yet I can't spill the beans which makes me squirm and have to stay away from the keyboard! (I can keep a secret but I'm not great with keeping exciting things quiet!)

Hours in my day job have totally changed which has meant I've had to spend a few weeks sorting out my new writing times and getting back into a schedule. However this is turning out to be a good thing as it has given me a bit more time to work - so expect even more exciting news soon!

Now on to Valves & Vixens. I am currently working my way through all the great submissions and will be sending out replies to each submission by the end of the week *fingers crossed* however if you haven't heard from me by the end of next week do not panic too much! I will reply to everyone who submitted so you will all definatly hear from me shortly. 

I have loved working with the steampunk stories and I'll almost be sorry to turn the book into the publishers because then I won't be working on it anymore - however I will then be focusing on pushing the book since it'll be out not long after that! There is some awesome stories in this anthology and I can't wait to share the table of contents with the world.

Now I need to dive back into that writing thing having taken a break to write this and also do a bit of spring cleaning - I'm desperately trying to reverse my hoarding techniques (or in other words I'm throwing everything out to make room for all the books I keep buying).

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