Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Warmers Inspiration - Angela Sargenti

So today I'm joined by Angie Sargenti who is another author from the great Winter Warmers Collection.

Here she is to talk about her inspiration behind The Christmas Devil

My inspiration for the story, “The Christmas Devil” actually started last Halloween, when I was watching a show about the devil and his many variations. Krampus, also known as Black Peter is usually shown to be a classic devil figure, cloven hooves and all. He’s said to be St. Nicholas’ dark counterpart, the one who punishes the bad children while St. Nick rewards the good ones with toys. Krampus uses his bundle of switches to punish the naughty ones, swatting them and then dragging them to hell in a basket he wears on his back (similar to Santa’s sack.)

If you’re a fan of mine, you must know of my penchant for horror, so a great story like this naturally caught my attention. When it came time to write an erotic Christmas story, who else should come to mind but dear old Krampus?

Here’s a small excerpt:

He pulls me along by the braid of my hair, that monstrous, horrifying tongue of his lolling from his mouth in excitement, a terrible sight to see.
“Oh, how I love a good beating,” he tells me, rubbing his hairy, black hands together in great relish.

I hope you have a wonderful winter. Please enjoy all the stories in the Winter Warmers Collection, and be sure to keep to the straight and narrow. We wouldn’t want Krampus to visit you, would we?

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I hope everyone is keeping safe with all this cold weather around!

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Angie Sargenti said...

Thanks for having me, Nicole! It's great being here!