Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Warmers Inspiration - Gemma Parkes

Today I have another Winter Warmers author visiting to talk about her inspiration behind her story Ice and Spice. So please join me in welcoming Gemma Parkes and lets hear her inspiration.

Gemma Parkes ‘Ice and Spice’

This story started life as a naughty bout of daydreaming. I was wondering what it would be like to receive oral sex if there was a particular taste on your tongue. I wondered if you would really be able to feel much sensation from something spicy, for example cinnamon. The daydream grew into a fully fledged sex scene complete with a cinnamon ice lolly and an agitated but aroused male! For a while this scene was all I wrote. It took several days of pondering until I was able to come up with a way to fit a story around it. Eventually I chose to use it as a flash back and ‘Ice and Spice’ was born!

Although I am deeply in love with Christmas my favourite season is summer. I love the sun on my skin, the soft sand beneath me, the long lazy evenings and all the excitement of summer holidays with a possible chance to visit somewhere new. But the birth of spring, the beauty of autumn, and the excitement of Christmas during winter time combine to make all the seasons special in their own way. Winter time with its shorter days supplies me with a reason to relax. The cold, dark evenings provide a delicious backdrop to snuggle up in the warmth with a loved one. I like the fact that it is too cold to go out sometimes, I can write, immerse myself in a deep bubble bath and watch a film in the heated comfort of my front room.

Short blurb:

It’s almost Christmas and Abbie is decorating the Christmas tree alone in preparation of her partner Craig’s return. A silver star containing a picture of the two of them after an impromptu shopping trip brings back warm, sexy memories of the night it was taken. Another reminds her of a family tradition with a delicious, decadent twist. With thoughts of passion coursing through her body it isn’t long before she finds herself alone relieving the tension with a small, pink friend.


Craig thought about switching the TV on but instead closed his eyes. It had been a long, stressful day. Since dinner the two of them had sat on the sofa enjoying the calm ambience and the soft scent of the Christmas candles. Until now…
Craig stared at Abbie, watching as the Popsicle slipped deep into her mouth only to be pulled back out held fast between her plump lips. There was the familiar slurp before if was sucked back in again. His cock stirred.
You’re driving me crazy with that thing, don’t you know that?” he tried. Abbie turned towards him pulling the Popsicle out of her mouth. With slow determination and a knowing smile, she moved towards Craig, dropping to her knees on the floor between his. She held the Popsicle between her gleaming teeth as she tugged at the slouchy jogging bottoms Craig was wearing, pulling them down to his knees with a few sharp tugs. Craig hadn’t bothered replacing his boxers after his shower so now his cock uncurled and stood flat against his stomach as Abbie watched approvingly.
With a long, slow suck on the Popsicle to gather the frozen flavour, Abbie lowered her head and guided Craig inside her mouth enjoying his gasp as the cold spice coating her tongue hit his most sensitive area.
Shit.” he hissed leaning forward until he was able to push a little deeper.
Abbie released him to suck again on the lolly, completely coating the inside of her mouth before capturing Craig’s cock and holding it fast between her tongue and the roof of her cold mouth. Craig cried out as the bite of the spice and the thrill of the ice caused confusing yet exquisite pleasure along his full length. His hands found Abbie’s hair and he steadied her head as her tongue pressed hard against the ridged sides of his grateful cock. There was hardly any of the Popsicle left now. Abbie took her final suck of it, pulling the last remnants of ice from the stick and holding them in her mouth as she fed Craig’s cock back inside. He squealed and squirmed deliciously as the slivers of ice shocked his body only to be warmed again by the subtle sensation from the cinnamon.


gemma parkes said...

Thank you for having me over today Nicole, it's been fun!

Jacqueline said...

Ah - Gemma the sensualist again.

I expects Gemma lives somewhere cold (like all of UK!) and is familiar with Fishermen's Friends - hot, spicy lozenges. They were designed to fight off the freezing North Atlantic weather.
What they are also very good for is - wait for it - oral sex. Don't take my word for it - pop one in your mouth and try it on your partner...