Friday, November 8, 2013

End of a week

Phew well its been a busy week but I've managed to do a lot of things and with the acceptance half way through the week it's been a good week.

Accountability is something I need to focus on. Very often I assume I've written more then I actually have so to solve this I've been setting daily goals this week and reporting upon them. This has made sure that I hit the goals and it means that my writing productivity has increased.  I have finished two short stories this week and am on the third chapter of a pirate story, as well as getting deep into another short story. On top of this I've signed and sent off a contract and written some proposals for my other job - phew!

Writing isn't a 9-5 job, which is great. I don't really want a 9-5 job I'm not sure I could cope with how regular it is. I seem to thrive more on unpredictability and spontaneity and as much as this brings far more stress it does mean that writing is the perfect job for me. 

So whilst most people are about to enjoy two days off for the weekend I'll be busy working in my other job and fighting to hit my writing goals. *fingers crossed*

In the mean time whilst I'm busy why don't you all take time to check out my publishers blog with all the latest information, it has also recently had a bit of a make over and looks gorgeous just in time for winter!

And with the winter nights drawing in the best way to keep warm is to curl up by the fire with a great book so why don't you all check out The House of Erotica Summer Scorchers. This great ebook has my story Jungle Calls in it and every story is sizzling with heat!

Here is the blurb from Amazon:

A collection of three summer-themed erotic stories by Nicole Gestalt, Lucy Felthouse and Angela Sargenti. These fresh summer tales are sure to get you all hot and bothered

Jungle Calls by Nicole Gestalt
On their wedding anniversary Samantha and Brian find a slightly different way to cool off.

Drawing a Crowd by Lucy Felthouse
When Samantha eats an ice cream on a tourist boat off the coast of Zante, she drives some of her fellow passengers wild. Years later, she uses her ice cream eating skills to snare herself some hot guys and tests her lips and tongue out on them, too.

Ellis in wonderland by Angela R. Sargenti
Josh invites his college roommate, Ellis, down for the weekend to let him meet a young woman he knows and wants to share with Ellis.

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